We take the SampleSequence as an example to introduce the analysis procedure in our webserver.


The pipeline of the method and results of each step on analysing SampleSequence:



        The pipeline here aim to demonstrate the analysis procedure simplely.


        PriMir filtration can screen candidate sequence with stem-loop structure by score matrix based on eleven features found in the sequence or secondary structure of known pre-miRNAs . With the subsequent analysis of Mirident software which based on the SS-motif, the remaining sequence in the PriMir result can have a definite conclusion: to be, or not to be miRNAs.

        In a word, in this procedure, PriMir can screen the candidate pre-miRNA, and Mirident soft can confirm them definitely. Via these programs, one sequence can get credible pre-miRNA predication result. Meanwhile, the stem-loop structure prediction also be integrated in our procedure. You not only can get the credible pre-miRNA, miRNA, but also can recognize its second-structure in the same time.

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