Links here list lots of useful websites of MicroRNA research and bioinformatics.

Micro-RNA and nocoding RNA relatied websites:




miRBase: the microRNA database


RNAdb: a comprehensive mammalian noncoding RNA database


PMRD: plant microRNA database


miRecords: the resource for animal miRNA-target interactions


CoGeMiR: Comparative Genomics MicroRNA database


miRWalk: The Database on Predicted and Published MicroRNAs


TarBase: The Database of experimentally supported targets


TargetScan: Search for predicted microRNA targets in mammals


miRNAMap: Database on genomic maps of microRNAs in metazoan genomes


miRex: Infobase of microRNA Gene Expression


SBI: microrna-research. Study microRNA regulatory networks


deepBase: A database for deeply annotating and mining the deep sequencing data a portal site for functional RNAs and non-coding RNAs


The RNase P Database target


SRPDB (Signal Recognition Particle Database)


Noncoding RNAs Database


Rfam: RNA families database of alignments and CMs

Analysis Tools websites:


NCBI: National Center for Biotechnology Information


EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database


Ensembl Genome Browser


Vienna RNA Package


Michael Zuker's mfold





The R Project for Statistical Computing


The European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite

Bioinformatics Group

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