How to use the Gene Search Box

The gene search box takes users directly to the UCSC/Known Genes or Refseq record associated with their gene of interest, bypassing the default search of the entire database. The gene search box also suggests gene names similar to the query when appropriate.

To use this functionality simply start typing in the gene search box; the software will suggest gene names after 2 or more characters are entered. You can either choose a gene from the list, or finish typing your full gene name and then press "jump" or hit enter. If you select a gene from the list, the associated gene coordinates will appear in the position search bar. If the gene name is not recognized, the software will perform a search using the default search function.

Text in the position search box will be ignored if there is a search term in the gene search box. The 'clear position' button will clear both the position and gene search menus. Only assemblies that have UCSC/Known Genes or RefSeq Genes tracks will display a gene search box; the suggestion software preferentially uses gene names from UCSC/Known Genes. The software searches only the gene names used by the suggestion software, thus it will not search both UCSC/Known Genes and RefSeq gene names.