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UCSC Genome Browser on Human Feb. 2009 (GRCh37/hg19) Assembly
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position/search gene size 39,786 bp.
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-   piRNA Tracks
Base Position
Human piRNAs
Human nonrepeat piRNAs
Girard Nature 2006
Aravin Nature 2006
Li Gene 2012
-   Mapping and Sequencing Tracks
Chromosome Band
Short Match
Wiki Track
-   Genes and Gene Prediction Tracks
HIWI piRNA cluster
HILI piRNA cluster
RefSeq Genes
Ensembl Genes
Geneid Genes
tRNA Genes
-   Expression
CSHL Small RNA-seq
-   Regulation
fetal brain H-22510 H3K9Me3
Mid Frontal Lobe H3K9Me3
substantia nigra H3K9Me3
ENC DNA Methyl...
Testis nonmeth-regions
TS miRNA sites
-   Variation and Repeats