UCSC Genome Browser on Mouse July 2007 (NCBI37/mm9) Assembly
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chr12:57,795,963-57,815,592 19,630 bp.
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-   piRNA Tracks
Mouse piRNAs
Girard Nature 2006
Aravin Nature 2006
Lau Science 2006
Grivna Genes Dev. 2006
Adult Miwi +/+
P14 Miwi +/+
P20 Miwi +/+
Adult Miwi +/ADH
Adult Miwi -/ADH
Vourekas 2012 Miwi
Vourekas 2012 Mili
Type A spermatogonia
Pachytene spermatocytes
Round spermatids
MiliDAH E16.5 Mili piRNA
Miwi2DAH E16.5 Mili piRNA
Miwi2+/- E16.5 Mili piRNA
Miwi2-/- E16.5 Mili piRNA
wild_type E16.5 Mili piRNA
MiliDAH E16.5 Miwi2 piRNA
Miwi2DAH E16.5 Miwi2 piRNA
wild_type E16.5 Miwi2 piRNA
Fkbp6+/- P0 testis
Fkbp6-/- P0 testis
Fkbp6+/- P10 testis
Fkbp6-/- P10 testis
Tdrd1+/- E18 testis
Tdrd1-/- E18 testis
Tdrd1+/- E18 testis
wild type adult testis
Tdrd9+/- 14dpp testis
Tdrd9-/- 14dpp testis
adult testis Miwi-IP
adult testis Mili-IP
-   piRNA Function
C57BL/6 nucleus accumbens H3K9me3 ChIP-Seq
E16.5 Morc1 het bisulfite germ cells
E16.5 Morc1 KO bisulfite germ cells
fetal forebrain E14.5 C57BL/6 H3K9me3
P10.5 Morc1 het bisuflite germ cells
P10.5 Morc1 KO bisuflite germ cells
P2.5 Morc1 het bisulfite germ cells
P2.5 Morc1 KO bisulfite germ cells
miwi2HET germ cells FACS H3K9me3
miwi2HET germ cells FACS input
miwi2KO germ cells FACS H3K9me3
miwi2KO germ cells FACS input
Brain DNA methylation
Spermatids DNA methylation
Spermatocytes DNA methylation
Testis DNA methylation
Testis nonmeth-regions
ES piRNA Target Sites
RS piRNA Cleavage Sites
RS piRNA Cleavage Target lncRNAs
5' Race
-   Mapping and Sequencing Tracks
Base Position
Chromosome Band
Short Match
Wiki Track
-   Genes and Gene Prediction Tracks
MIWI piRNA cluster
MILI piRNA cluster
Mouse piRNA cluster
piRNA precursor
RefSeq Genes
Ensembl Genes
tRNA Genes
-   Variation and Repeats