UCSC Genome Browser on Mouse Dec. 2011 (GRCm38/mm10) Assembly
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chr12:56,694,976-56,714,605 19,630 bp.
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-   piRNA Tracks
Mouse piRNAs
Girard Nature 2006
Aravin Nature 2006
Lau Science 2006
Grivna Genes Dev. 2006
Adult Miwi +/+
P14 Miwi +/+
P20 Miwi +/+
Adult Miwi +/ADH
Adult Miwi -/ADH 1
Adult Miwi -/ADH 2
Adult Miwi -/ADH 3
Miwi CLIP 1
Miwi CLIP 2
Miwi CLIP 3
Miwi CLIP 4
Mili CLIP 1
Mili CLIP 2
Mili CLIP 3
Mili CLIP 4
Type A spermatogonia
Pachytene spermatocytes
Round spermatids
10 dpp Mili IP
10 dpp Dnmt3L KO Mili IP
16.5dpc small RNA
16.5dpc Mili IP
16.5dpc Miwi2 IP
4-6 week ovary small RNA
2dpp testis small RNA
10dpp Mili heterozygotes testis
10dpp Mili KO testis
E16.5 MitoPLD+/+ testis
E16.5 MitoPLD-/- testis
E16.5 Mili-/- testis
E16.5 Miwi2-/- testis
E16.5 MVH-/- testis
10 dpp MitoPLD-/- testis
10 dpp testis Mili IP
MiliDAH E16.5 Mili piRNA
MiliDAH_2 E16.5 testis
Miwi2DAH E16.5 Mili piRNA
Miwi2DAH_2 E16.5 testis
Miwi2+/- E16.5 Mili piRNA
Miwi2+/-_2 E16.5 testis
Miwi2-/- E16.5 Mili piRNA
Miwi2-/-_2 E16.5 testis
wild_type E16.5 Mili piRNA
wild_type_2 E16.5 testis
MiliDAH E16.5 Miwi2 piRNA
MiliDAH_2 E16.5 testis
Miwi2DAH E16.5 Miwi2 piRNA
Miwi2DAH E16.5 Miwi2 piRNA 2
wild_type E16.5 Miwi2 piRNA
wild_type_2 E16.5 testis
Fkbp6+/- P0 testis
Fkbp6-/- P0 testis
Fkbp6+/- P10 testis
Fkbp6-/- P10 testis
Tdrd1+/- E18 testis
Tdrd1-/- E18 testis
Tdrd1+/- E18 testis
wild type adult testis
Tdrd9+/- 14dpp testis 1
Tdrd9+/- 14dpp testis 2
Tdrd9-/- 14dpp testis 1
Tdrd9-/- 14dpp testis 2
adult testis Miwi-IP
adult testis Mili-IP
elongating spermatids
round spermatids
10dpp testes
Adult testes Asb1 ao31(Het)
Adult testes Asb1 ao32(KO)
Adult testes Asb1 ao34(Het)
Adult testes Asb1 ao36(KO)
18dpp hetero tdrd6-KO
18dpp homo tdrd6-KO
25dpp hetero tdrd6-KO
25dpp homo tdrd6-KO
6w hetero tdrd6-KO
6w homo tdrd6-KO
18.5dpc hetero tdrd6-KO
18.5dpc homo tdrd6-KO
liver 3' UTR
spleen 3' UTR
MIWI2 KO liver 3' UTR
MIWI2 KO spleen 3' UTR
E16.5 whole testes
Hsp90-alpha KO
-   piRNA function
B6NCrl forebrain 13.5 days H3K9me3
B6NCrl forebrain ENCLB010BMG H3K9me3
B6NCrl forebrain ENCLB031MGV H3K9me3
B6NCrl forebrain ENCLB277YNG H3K9me3
B6NCrl forebrain ENCLB486BSA H3K9me3
B6NCrl forebrain ENCLB594CEI H3K9me3
B6NCrl forebrain ENCLB594CEI H3K9me3
B6NCrl forebrain ENCLB629XAA H3K9me3
B6NCrl forebrain ENCLB641MQG H3K9me3
B6NCrl forebrain ENCLB668MMN H3K9me3
B6NCrl forebrain ENCLB812OFN H3K9me3
B6NCrl hindbrain 15.5 days H3K9me3
B6NCrl hindbrain ENCLB042JAS H3K9me3
B6NCrl hindbrain ENCLB126DGA H3K9me3
B6NCrl hindbrain ENCLB238KEC H3K9me3
B6NCrl hindbrain ENCLB392QHR H3K9me3
B6NCrl hindbrain ENCLB397YWO H3K9me3
B6NCrl hindbrain ENCLB402NEG H3K9me3
B6NCrl hindbrain ENCLB577KNZ H3K9me3
B6NCrl hindbrain ENCLB706VIO H3K9me3
B6NCrl hindbrain ENCLB874JFG H3K9me3
B6NCrl midbrain 11.5 days H3K9me3
B6NCrl midbrain ENCLB029SEB H3K9me3
B6NCrl midbrain ENCLB052JFK H3K9me3
B6NCrl midbrain ENCLB191UYY H3K9me3
B6NCrl midbrain ENCLB259DQN H3K9me3
B6NCrl midbrain ENCLB411IWB H3K9me3
B6NCrl midbrain ENCLB441GHB H3K9me3
B6NCrl midbrain ENCLB507BQU H3K9me3
B6NCrl midbrain ENCLB842JVG H3K9me3
B6NCrl midbrain ENCLB992DHZ H3K9me3
B6NTac ENCLB379NXP H3K9me3
B6NTac ENCLB837TWG H3K9me3
B6NTac forebrain ENCLB540QFI H3K9me3
B6NTac forebrain ENCLB974CDP H3K9me3
B6NTac forebrain ENCLB983EYB H3K9me3
B6NTac hindbrain ENCLB010ZXU H3K9me3
B6NTac hindbrain ENCLB803WLX H3K9me3
B6NTac hindbrain ENCLB831UUR H3K9me3
B6NTac midbrain ENCLB064ABA H3K9me3
B6NTac midbrain ENCLB082GTF H3K9me3
B6NTac midbrain ENCLB097XEN H3K9me3
B6NTac midbrain ENCLB257KRY H3K9me3
hindbrain ENCLB767WUA H3K9me3
midbrain ENCLB050TQJ H3K9me3
midbrain ENCLB614JTQ H3K9me3 ChIP-Seq
Mus musculus ENCBS790BBA H3K9me3 ChIP-Seq
Taeniopygia guttata brain H3K9me3 ChIP-Seq
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RS piRNA Cleavage Sites
5' Race
RS piRNA Cleavage Target lncRNAs
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