UCSC Genome Browser on Human Feb. 2009 (GRCh37/hg19) Assembly
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chr21:33,031,597-33,041,570 9,974 bp.
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-   piRNA Tracks
Human piRNAs
Human nonrepeat piRNAs
Girard Nature 2006
Aravin Nature 2006
Li Gene 2012
-   Mapping and Sequencing Tracks
Base Position
Chromosome Band
Short Match
Wiki Track
-   Genes and Gene Prediction Tracks
HIWI piRNA cluster
HILI piRNA cluster
RefSeq Genes
Ensembl Genes
Geneid Genes
tRNA Genes
-   Expression
CSHL Small RNA-seq
-   Regulation
A03271-1 JOC75-DNA H3K9me3
A03277-1 JOC76-DNA H3K9me3
A03283-1 JOC77-DNA H3K9me3
A03389-1 JOC67-DNA H3K9me3
A03479-1 JOC78-DNA H3K9me3
A03487-1 JOC79-DNA H3K9me3
A03495-1 JOC80-DNA H3K9me3
A03503-1 JOC091-DNA H3K9me3
A22287-1 Testis sperm cell 5mC Bisulfite-Seq
A22288-1 Testis sperm cell 5mC Bisulfite-Seq
Angular Gyrus 177 H3K9me3
Angular Gyrus 221 H3K9me3
Anterior Caudate 173 H3K9me3
BioSAli 186 Fetal Brain H3K9me3
Cingulate Gyrus 175 H3K9me3
Cingulate Gyrus 219 H3K9me3
fetal brain H3K9me3
H22510 (A02296) fetal brain 5mC MeDIP-Seq
H22510 (A04895) fetal brain 5mC MRE-Seq
H23266 (A02298) fetal brain 5mC MeDIP-Seq
H23284 (A02299) fetal brain 5mC MeDIP-Seq
Hippocampus Middle 172 H3K9me3
Hippocampus Middle 216 H3K9me3
Hippocampus Middle 223 H3K9me3
HS2787-1 fetal brain MRE-Seq
HS2788-1 fetal brain 5mC MeDIP-Seq
HS2789-1 fetal brain MRE-Seq
HS2790-1 fetal brain 5mC MeDIP-Seq
HuFGM02 (A02758) brain 5mC MeDIP-Seq
HuFGM02 (A04698) brain Bisulfite-Seq
Inferior Temporal Lobe 176 H3K9me3
Inferior Temporal Lobe 220 H3K9me3
Mid Frontal Lobe 174 H3K9me3
Mid Frontal Lobe 218 H3K9me3
mid frontal lobe cells 5mC Bisulfite-Seq
Right Ventricle SRS366512 H3K9me3
RRBS1079 Fetal Brain 5mC Bisulfite-Seq
RRBS1139 RRBS1080 fetal brain 5mC Bisulfite-Seq
RRBS_Lib 268 cingulate gyrus cells Bisulfite-Seq
RRBS_Lib 270 inferior temporal lobe cells 5mC Bisulfite-Seq
RRBS_Lib 271 angular gyrus cells Bisulfite-Seq
RRBS_Lib 272 substantia nigra cells 5mC Bisulfite-Seq
RRBS_Lib 273 anterior caudate cells 5mC Bisulfite-Seq
RRBS_Lib 274 substantia nigra cells Bisulfite-Seq
RRBS_Lib 276 anterior caudate cells 5mC Bisulfite-Seq
STL002OV-01 Ovary H3K9me3
Substantia Nigra 171 H3K9me3
Substantia Nigra 215 H3K9me3
WGBS_Lib 10 hippocampus middle cells 5mC Bisulfite-Seq
WGBS_Lib 37 hippocampus middle cells Bisulfite-Seq
ENC DNA Methyl...
Testis nonmeth-regions
TS miRNA sites
-   Variation and Repeats