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The Wiki track displays genome annotations added by the Genome Browser user community. These annotations have not been curated.

Adding an annotation

To add or edit an annotation in this track, you must first create a login on the UCSC Genome Browser genomewiki. You can then attach or update a notation to a UCSC gene or a genomic location.

Annotating a UCSC gene: To add or update an annotation for a UCSC gene, open the UCSC Genes track in the Genome Browser to your gene of interest, then click on the gene to display its information page. Click Sequence and Links, then click User annotations within the "Sequence and Links to Tools and Databases" section. If you have not logged in to the genomewiki, you will be prompted to do so. If no annotation exists for the selected gene, the Genome Browser will display a text entry form for adding a new annotation. If notes have already been added for the gene, the browser will display the corresponding genomewiki page, which may be edited using the genomewiki editor.

Once an annotation has been added for a gene, it will display in the Genome Browser Wiki track in the coordinate range corresponding to the gene locus identified by the annotated gene symbol. If additional loci are associated with the gene symbol, the annotation will appear in the positions corresponding to these loci as well.

Annotating a genomic location: In addition to annotating specific genes, notes can be added to genome locations by clicking on the red bar at the top of the Wiki track. By default, the annotated position will correspond to the coordinate range of the current Genome Browser view.

Initial annotations for a specific gene or position are created in a simple text entry form. The text is submitted to the genomewiki system for archival storage. The notes are tagged with a date/time stamp and the creator's wiki login name. Subsequent notes or corrections to existing notes may be added by editing the wiki page for the annotation using the Wiki editing system.


  • The UCSC Genome Browser group reserves the right to remove any annotations.
  • Annotations are not curated by UCSC. Individuals with areas of expertise are welcome and encouraged to monitor annotations of interest and add notes of correction as appropriate. Use the page watch function in the genomewiki to monitor changes to annotations.
  • The individual who creates the initial annotation is the "owner" of the annotation.
  • Annotation "owners"" have deletion privileges.
  • Deletion merely removes an item from the Wiki track display in the Genome Browser. The actual annotation still exists in the genomewiki system, with an attached note that it has been deleted.
  • Annotations are enabled currently only on the human hg18 (March 2006) and mouse mm9 (July 2007) Genome Browsers.